Gravity Interactive's first major title in the Western market, Ragnarok Online, is well known for its sugary-sweetness and unforgiving experience curve. While the title proved to be a hit for the developer in the Western and Eastern markets, it's newest brother, Ragnarok Online II, doesn't share the same story.

RO II was released in 2007 to a mass-panning by the Asian market, and the game has undergone some significant revisions in that time, including a change of the engine from Unreal 2.5 to Gamebryo and an update to all of the in-game systems. However, with those systems in place, Gravity has announced that the title will be seeing a 2010 release in the Western market.

Meanwhile, the Ragnarok franchise will be expanded with a social networking game as well, marking Gravity's new focus on the growing social network division of games.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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