Cryptic is giving future Star Trek Online cadets the opportunity to name three different classes of starship in the game's universe. The gallery below features the three as-yet-unnamed classes. From left to right, they represent an escort type, science ship and cruiser. We suggest:
  • Plot device class
  • Eventual ghost ship class (alternative: Red Shirt class)
  • Youessess class (as in: the U.S.S. Distress Beacon Responder is a Youessess class starship)
Make sure to read the full details regarding submissions [PDF link] before submitting ideas, which are due by January 8, 2010. Winners will receive a copy of the game and poster depicting their named class, which they can then fly when the game launches on Stardate 63554.5 (February 2, 2010).

[Via Big Download]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.