Name a Star Trek ship class for Star Trek Online

Cryptic is giving future Star Trek Online cadets the opportunity to name three different classes of starship in the game's universe. The gallery below features the three as-yet-unnamed classes. From left to right, they represent an escort type, science ship and cruiser. We suggest:
  • Plot device class
  • Eventual ghost ship class (alternative: Red Shirt class)
  • Youessess class (as in: the U.S.S. Distress Beacon Responder is a Youessess class starship)
Make sure to read the full details regarding submissions [PDF link] before submitting ideas, which are due by January 8, 2010. Winners will receive a copy of the game and poster depicting their named class, which they can then fly when the game launches on Stardate 63554.5 (February 2, 2010).
[Via Big Download]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.