While Godswar Online may not be one of the more commonly known names in the F2P world, they seem to be doing fairly well for a cute, fun free-to-play title. Apparently there are enough people playing that they've had to open up a brand new server -- their twenty-second -- and are calling it Iris. As a bonus for those who are interested, players who start their adventures on Iris will be given a special "Newbie Gift Package" for free. Each package includes goodies like health, mana, and experience bonus potions as well as other starting tools and items that will help a new player to Godswar Online out.

Aside from that, they've also started a contest to tempt some veteran players (or perhaps new and hardcore) to Iris as well. The idea is this: if players can reach level 70 within the first 7 days of logging on, they'll be given a gift of 3,000 E-Gold (currently worth $16.50 USD) to spend however they like in the Godswar Online store. Between these two giveaways and their Christmas Egg Crack event going on until the 30th, it sounds like a festive and fun time for their players. If you haven't had a chance to see Godswar Online, we have a handful of screenshots from their shiny new server for you to check out.

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