MMOs and questing have become inseparable, much like breakfast and bacon or Abbott and Costello. Since World of Warcraft popularized the "questing exclamation point," MMOs have since embraced the concept and have utilized it in one way or another ever since.

Today's question is an interesting one, as we want to know what you guys think of quests. Do you think MMOs should be more reliant on questing, using quests to drive story and other gameplay elements, or should they be less reliant on questing, seeking to entertain the player through a more varied set of systems?

So go on, hit that comment box, and tell us all about your gripes with questing or your love for the exclamation mark. Share them with fellow readers, get into a conversation, and let's see what comes out today's Daily Grind.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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