Earlier this month, we reported on an issue with the Magic Mouse and Apple's aluminum Bluetooth keyboard. Specifically, users were reporting that the mouse was draining the keyboard's batteries at an alarming rate. Now, Apple has released a fix.

According to Apple, Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update 1.1 "...improves battery performance of the 2007 aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard when used in combination with other bluetooth devices (eg. Magic Mouse, some bluetooth headsets) and addresses an issue with the 2007 aluminum Apple Keyboard and the 2007 aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard where a key may repeat unexpectedly while typing." You'll find full installation details here.

This issue has existed for quite a while, as the support form discussion thread was started back in November. I've got the keyboard, but not the mouse, so I can't test the patch. If you do, follow up and let us know. Has your battery life improved? Thanks for the input.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.