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iPad vs. iPhone: what does 3G cost you?

Chris Ziegler
With the announcement that the iPad would continue Apple's often-rocky relationship with AT&T to serve up wide-area data, we wanted to know: exactly what does an iPad cost you over the course of a couple years? Granted, the iPad doesn't support voice calling -- nor does it require a contract, unlike the iPhone -- but for anyone who uses an iPhone primarily for browsing and gaming, this could make for a serviceable alternative that saves money over the long term. Follow the break for the full rundown.


Upfront cost $629 / $729 / $829 $99 / $199 / $299
WiFi-only version available Yes ($499 / $599 / $699) Yes (iPod touch - $199 / $299 / $399)
Voice calling capability No Yes
Contract required No Yes
Device unlocked Yes No
SIM standard microSIM SIM
Monthly cost for unlimited data $29.99
Minimum cash outlay per month $14.99 $69.99
Minimum data cost over two years $359.76 $720
Maximum data cost over two years $719.76 $720
Minimum cash outlay over two years $988.76 $1,778.76
Maximum cash outlay over two years $1,548.76 $3,178.76

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