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Molyneux: A cute 'outside of Fable 3 experience' coming

Can gamers expect a tie-in product similar to Fable II: Pub Games for Lionhead's upcoming Fable III? Microsoft's Peter Molyneux told attendees at X10 that something was in the works.

Molyneux wouldn't detail the tie-in, only teasing that the product is "a really cute, very very cute 'outside of Fable III' experience that I'm not talking about." Molyneux, who felt a need to reiterate how adorable the "experience" will be, proclaimed: "It's really, really cute. It's not Pub Games." Sadly, whether the "really cute" experience would be a Xbox Live Arcade release wasn't confirmed. What is confirmed, however, is that this thing should be pretty ugly. No. Wait, forgive us. We're pretty sure he said cute.