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Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition for Beginners lets you buy just the beginning

For some, the true horror of Resident Evil 4 is never getting to see what happens past the first scene. For those unfortunate would-be Leon Kennedys, Capcom has released yet another version of RE4 to the iPhone App Store -- the second for iPhone and the third for mobile in general.

This version adds a new "beginners" difficulty mode, in addition to four other difficulties. It also adds a new "Mercenary Mode," a "Coin Shoot" mode, and a new tutorial. And if you're such a Resident Evil neophyte that you don't even know if you want to play it, you can buy it in chapters. The initial pack includes two chapters for 99 cents, with the rest of the game available via in-app purchase.

Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition for Beginners ($0.99): Resident Evil 4

[Via Siliconera]