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Atlona's VGA to HDMI adapter ditches the brick, does 1080p on USB power

Tim Stevens

Laptops or desktops stuck with only VGA output often need a little help to get their content onto an HDTV, and Atlona is there for them. It's introducing another in a storied line of HDMI adapters, this one taking VGA input and turning it to HDMI output. That's not particularly special, but that this one does it powered only by a single USB port is. It'll also pull in analog audio over a 3.5mm plug and add that to the mix, then pump the results at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200. Of course, all that functionality is going to cost you: $120 for the adapter, but it does at least include a six-foot HDMI cable. They're up for order now ahead of a date with the postman next week, and there's another picture waiting for you after the break if you're really into the orange and black scheme.

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