Richard Garriott talks about Portalarium and the future

Earlier this week we told you about Richard Garriott's latest venture, turning an eye to the social media trend with his new business venture Portalarium. Our sister site Joystiq spent some time with him discussing the company and its future.

Before delving into where Garriott is going, Joystiq explored a bit about where he's been. They talked about the infamous venture into space, and the even more infamous NCsoft lawsuit, then moved on to what Portalarium is all about and what Garriott hopes to accomplish with it.

Portalarium's aim is essentially to tap into the growing social network gaming genre and do it bigger and better. The interview covers the basics of how the business model will work as well as Garriott's views on what the market is lacking and how he plans to fill in those gaps. It's an interesting read, so head over to Joystiq and take a look at the full interview!
This article was originally published on Massively.