Sony will announce the "official" name for its PlayStation Motion Controller during its main event tonight (7PM ET) at GDC. In the meantime, let's play a game!

According to our source, the official name for the device is one of the choices in the poll below -- we're not going to tell you which one, though. So ...
Name that PlayStation Motion Controller:
Wave522 (4.3%)
Zephyr302 (2.5%)
Groove96 (0.8%)
Orb530 (4.3%)
Freestyle283 (2.3%)
Move3956 (32.3%)
PlayStation Motion Controller1304 (10.6%)
WeeToo784 (6.4%)
Arc3168 (25.8%)
HandToy499 (4.1%)
Wand431 (3.5%)
The Seybold382 (3.1%)

Update: Did you guess the right name?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.