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More on iBookstore pricing

Dave Caolo , @davidcaolo
App Advice has posted a first-hand look at the iBookstore, complete with some pricing specifics. Alexander Vaughn received a preview of the app (he doesn't explain where or how) and walked away with a screenshot and the following details:
  • Of the 32 books featured as New York Times (NYT) bestsellers, 27 are US$9.99. That includes the top 10 sellers.
  • All of the remaining five are under $13
  • The highest priced NYT bestseller, Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins, is $12.99
On the Kindle, Poor Little Bitch Girl costs $8.83. But the important thing to note is that Apple has hit the $9.99 price point with these top-sellers.

The pricing war that's about to erupt between the Kindle, Nook and iBookstore will be interesting to watch. Apple has offered publishers the same deal given to App Store developers -- name your price and Apple gets 30%. After receiving pressure from its publishers, Amazon altered their arrangement to mimic Apple's. It seems that, by letting publishers name their price, there wouldn't be room for the $9.99 ebook in the iBookstore. According to Alexander's sneak peek, that's not the case.

We saw our first hint of iBookstore pricing when a leaked list appeared in February, and again after careful examination of the iPad's first television commercial. With one-third of iPad customers saying they intend to use their devices to read books, newspapers and magazines, the potential is huge. It will fun to watch this story develop.