Well, it's a few months away from release, so fortunately Apple's engineers will have a chance to fix some bugs that are already being reported by an anonymous tipster. Dave installed 4.0 on his iPhone 3GS and noted that the following items don't work properly:
  • Can't change lock screen or home screen wallpapers. Settings gives him the choice and indicates the choice has been made, but nothing changes.
  • Wallpaper can't even be picked on a 3G
  • iTunes doesn't recognize folders and will not perform a backup, displaying an error message that the "backup failed because it was refused by the iPhone." It looks like a new iTunes version will be forthcoming. He also mentioned that folders are interesting, but limited to 12 apps per folder. If you have a lot of games, you'll end up with folders named "Games 1", "Games 2", "Games 3", etc...
If you find any other interesting bugs in the iPhone 4.0 beta, please let TUAW know.

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