Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says more kids want iPhones. The Apple 2.0 blog has Mr. Munster hanging out with high schoolers for one of his semi-annual surveys of teen buying habits in the US.

In a research note on the survey, Munster said, "Apple's dominance in the [consumer electronics] and online music markets is going seemingly unchecked."

According to his findings:
  • Plans to buy an iPhone in the next six months have risen from 16% a year ago to 22% last fall to 31% today
  • 14% of the kids surveyed already own an iPhone, up from last year's 8%, but down a point from last fall's 15%
  • 87% of the kids surveyed own an MP3 player, 92% of which are iPods.
  • While 82% of teens download music, only 43% do it legally. But, of that 43%, 92% say they buy their music from Apple's iTunes Store.
All of that gives Apple the hand that rocks the cradle. Or as Munster puts it, "...the teen demographic is a critical component of long-term growth in the digital music and mobile markets. And Apple is taking its leading position in music and mobile markets."

[via Fortune]

This article was originally published on Tuaw.