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Report: Demon's Souls has punished nearly 4 times as many players as expected


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It was quite clear, once retailers began requesting re-ups of that dope Demon's Souls product, that publisher Atlus had unleashed a bigger hit than it had anticipated. But just how low had Atlus set its expectations? According to data from parent company Index Holdings (via Siliconera), Atlus had projected a mere 75,000 units in sales of Demon's Souls for North America.

Lo and behold, beyond Atlus' wildest, demonic dreams, folks actually enjoyed the game's masochistic mission -- like, a lot of folks, in fact: sales totaled 280,000 units sold through the end of February. And with sales figures like that, Atlus must be pining for an opportunity to peddle a sequel -- of course, as our commenters point out, Sony, which owns the franchise, might want to get in on the North American push, should there be a sequel. Demon's Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki wouldn't mind cooking up another hit, after all.

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