Join the cause with '80s arcade propaganda art

Forget about minimalism, it's time to join the fight! Illustrator Steve Thomas has fashioned four propaganda-style posters urging all of us to push back against '80s arcade all-stars Donkey Kong, Joust, Frogger, and Dig Dug, contending you should "Find your place among the flying elite!" and "Defeat the beast!"

For prices ranging from $11.95 to $41.95 (starting at 11"x16" and getting as large as 35"x52"), you can snag yourself one of these beauts -- there are even framing options, should you be so inclined. That said, given the flood of folks rushing to purchase Justin Russo's aforementioned posters just last week, we'd suggest getting in on this one early before they're all gone.

[Via GameSetWatch]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.