Happy Tax Day!

It's April 15th, and in America, that means that the air is filled with the sound of screaming taxpayers who waited until the last moment to file their returns. For those who may have filed early and might have even received a tax refund check, we offer this distraction to cover up the sight of your next door neighbor in his backyard shredding documents.

Apple products are probably more popular now than they've ever been, so we'd like to know what you'd spend your hypothetical (or real) tax refund check on. Answer our poll, see what other TUAW readers are lusting for, and leave us a comment if your favorite choice isn't in the list.
What Apple product are you buying with your tax refund?
Tax refund? I owe money on my taxes!1984 (24.2%)
Sadly, nothing...1377 (16.8%)
An iPod shuffle10 (0.1%)
An iPod nano7 (0.1%)
An iPod touch26 (0.3%)
IPhone 3GS FTW!109 (1.3%)
An iPad, naturally!2102 (25.7%)
One of those sweet new MacBook Pros841 (10.3%)
A 27" Quad-Core iMac284 (3.5%)
A fully-equipped Eight-Core Mac Pro with dual 30" Cinema Displays243 (3.0%)
I'm buying shares of Apple stock397 (4.8%)
-delete-808 (9.9%)

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