Okamiden in North America in 2011; Ghost Trick and Sengoku Basara in 2010

We may have had clues about a localized version of Okamiden, but that doesn't mean we aren't thrilled to see it officially announced. Capcom's DS sequel to Okami will be available for Nintendo DS in North America sometime in 2011. The trailer above relates the story, in which a very cute wolf god named Chibiterasu teams up with a new cast of characters to restore color to the world once again. Of course, the Celestial Brush item is back, allowing you to paint directly onto the world with the DS stylus. After the break, you can see some gameplay footage.

Also after the break are new trailers and screens for Ghost Trick on DS (now Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective) and Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes for Wii and PS3. Ghost Trick, an intriguing puzzle adventure about a dead man possessing the environment to solve his own murder and prevent others, has been given a winter 2010 date. Sengoku Basara, known in Japan as the latest game in the action series that spawned a popular anime and a Japanese history craze (and known in America, to a few people with good memories, as the latest sequel to Devil Kings) is currently classified as "TBD 2010."



This article was originally published on Joystiq.