Just kidding about that 'BioShock 2 DLC coming this week' thing

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Boy, oh boy, is there egg all over your face. You all actually bought into last week's Xbox Live Newsbeat, which announced a new chunk of BioShock 2 DLC to be released April 29? Don't you recognize a goof when you see one? Allow us to educate you: That was totally a goof. A joke! A sham! Some good old-fashioned monkeyshines.

A 2K representative recently sent out a clarification, explaining that the Rapture Metro Pack won't arrive this week -- however, he didn't specify as to when the new content will actually arrive. Fortunately, he also sent along two screenshots from the DLC pack, which are posted in the gallery below. But what if these are also goofs? Man, we just don't know who to trust anymore.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.