With our busy March and April behind us, we're ready to bring back the ever-popular Choose my Adventure series to our readers. As a small refresher, Choose my Adventure is where we head into a certain MMO with a brand new character to play out a six-week adventure, but the kicker is that YOU get to choose what that character does. From the game played, through character creation and beyond -- it's all up to you.

This time though, we've decided to tweak the series a bit. Instead of asking for you to join us in these chosen adventures, they will mostly be done through PUGs or occasionally solo. The reason we're doing this is to focus our in-game time with readers on a whole slew of events we have planned, much like the highly successful Nights of Eberron for DDO.

So let's start this back up by having you vote for which game we'll spend the next six weeks with. You'll have until next Wednesday to make your vote, at which time we'll starts the votes on character creation and get the journey started. Keep reading below for the game poll, now including more game choices than ever!
CmA: What's next for the adventure?
Age of Conan544 (28.2%)
Aion685 (35.5%)
Alganon107 (5.5%)
Atlantica Online14 (0.7%)
Champions Online21 (1.1%)
City of Heroes45 (2.3%)
Chronicles of Spellborn21 (1.1%)
EverQuest II56 (2.9%)
Final Fantasy XI72 (3.7%)
Free Realms15 (0.8%)
Global Agenda35 (1.8%)
Lineage II20 (1.0%)
Runes of Magic39 (2.0%)
Saga of Ryzom20 (1.0%)
Star Trek Online76 (3.9%)
Star Wars Galaxies81 (4.2%)
Warhammer Online78 (4.0%)

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