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WirelessIris brings follow focus to your DLSR via iPhone app (video)


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If you're shooting with movie cameras (or HD-enabled DSLRs like the Canon 5DMkII), being able to make your adjustments digitally is "epic" (or so says Engadget Show Producer Chad Mumm, who just declared this particular hardware "awesome"). The fStop Wireless Receiver is an affordable WiFi receiver that's compatible with most remote focus systems (common in the world of professional cinematography). Featuring multiple wireless channels and integration with the WirelessIris iPhone app, this bad boy will have you fussing with your camera's controls from your spacious (and convenient) Apple touchscreen device in no time! That is, once you shell out $1,389 (or find a friend with very deep pockets). Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Videos after the break.

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