Kirby's Epic Yarn coming to the Wii this fall

Nintendo has announced a brand new Kirby game, coming to the Wii this fall. Kirby's Epic Yarn features an all-new art style for Kirby, with the character drawn in yarn and threads, and the backgrounds of the game looking as if they were created with sewn fabric. The game has Kirby wandering a 2D platform world, whipping characters and projectiles with his yarn, and taking on various ships, from a car and blimp to a gigantic screen-filling tank.

There was also a second character shown, and a little bit of co-op play, with the two characters helping each other to reach platforms and separate areas. Nintendo says the game is due out sometime this fall -- we'll keep an eye out for the game on the floor of E3 today.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.