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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword revealed and detailed

As promised by Cammie earlier this year, Nintendo's E3 press conference brought the first solid details on the next installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise, subtitled Skyward Sword. The brief trailer for the game shown during the Nintendo E3 press conference featured far more vivid visuals than those of Twilight Princess, but with a very similar UI.

It also features a new control scheme, which uses the MotionPlus peripheral for more direct swordplay, and the Nunchuck for more direct ... shieldplay. There's no actual aiming the game's ranged tools using the WiiMote pointer -- everything appears to be motion-based. Unfortunately, the press conference tech demo seems to be experiencing some "technical difficulties." Hopefully we'll have better luck when we try the game out on the E3 show floor.

New items (which appear on a new radial menu) include a remote-controlled beetle, which you can use to collect faraway objects, and a whip, which you ... can use to collect faraway items. Man, Link has gotten really lazy, hasn't he? Miyamoto announced that the game will be available next year, at which point Link's stationary lifestyle should have transformed the typically lean hero into a slovenly mess.

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