Cops using's iPad to track down thief

It's hard out there for a hip-hop star. of the Black Eyed Peas recently had a not so good, good night. Thieves broke into his parked Bentley and made off with $10,000 worth of loot including jewelry, other personal property and the singer's shiny Apple iPad.

However, law enforcement officials have honed in on the the perpetrator using the iPad's GPS functionality, and are close to making an arrest. The exact means they used for locating the iPad, however, is unknown -- i.e., whether it was an app or MobileMe's "Find My iPhone/iPad" feature.

Whether for a special event performance or music partnership, Apple has collaborated with many musicians in a variety of ways. Back in 2004 the Black Eyed Peas, and their hit "Let's Get it Started," were prominently featured in the launch of the iMac G5.


This article was originally published on Tuaw.