I have my doubts about what's going on here, but I'll let you judge the veracity of this one for yourself. The above video is supposedly a short clip of none other than Steve Jobs walking through the newly opened Paris Opera Apple Store during this past weekend on July 3rd. A commenter on 9to5Mac says that the guy in black walking in front of Steve is Steve Cano, the senior director of Apple International Retail, so supposedly Steve and entourage were there to check out the new store and see how things were going.

Of course, not everything you read and see about Steve is true -- while it certainly makes sense that he'd be there (and that he's probably also dropping by the new store in Shanghai), there's no verification on this one, so we don't know for sure if this is him or just a well-dressed French impostor. But either way, enjoy the fleeting glance of what seems to be the man himself out in public.

Oh, and Steve? You were too busy to spend the July 4th weekend at home, cooking on the grill and watching fireworks with the rest of us? Sure, it was probably just a bit of bad timing, but next time the Independence Day holiday rolls around, take a break and enjoy it a little, won't you?

This article was originally published on Tuaw.