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Telltale surveying fans' favorite Back to the Future elements

There's a lot to love in Zemeckis' time-space continuum-altering Back to the Future trilogy -- it makes sense that Telltale Games wants to know what aspects fans are hoping to see in its upcoming episodic game adaptation of the films. Fans can now participate in a quick survey, choosing some of the time periods, characters and a handful of scenarios which reference iconic moments from the films which they'd like to see in the games. Click past the jump to see some of the sample scenarios presented in the survey.

You can access the questionnaire through Telltale's site, but be forewarned! If you vote for an adventure set in the 1800s featuring Doc Brown's Wild West offspring, and which doesn't feature Biff or hoverboards or time traveling of any sort, we'll come through the internet and open-hand slap you in the face.

  • ...November 5th, 2010. Working together, Teen Marty, Doc, and Present Day Marty finally corner the man who made off with Doc's Time Train. While they argue about what to do with the well-intentioned time-hopper, a scary black vehicle appears out of nowhere. A familiar bulky presence steps out and confronts them. 'Detective Tannen, Temporal Preservation Squadron.' I'm afraid you're all under arrest'...
  • ...June 18th, 1938. Young Emmett Brown is about to announce his engagement to gold-digging young woman, turning his back on scientific pursuits forever. If Marty and Doc can't bust into the party and get a singular Jules Verne novel into his hands, Emmett will never invent the time machine, a possibility too horrible to contemplate. Maybe they can sneak in with the swing band...
  • ...May 12th, 1986. After stopping Biff Jr. from getting in a fight with his time-displaced son, Marty leaves the dance floor and sneaks into Strickland's office, looking for the keys to the detention hall. He doesn't know how three teenagers from 2010 got their hands on a time-travelling Delorean, but the most important thing now is getting them locked up in one place before they mess up everyone's future...assuming they haven't already...
  • ...June 11th, 1968... Weaving their way through the peace protestors outside the courthouse, Marty and Doc surreptitiously use Doc's temporal scanners to look for the mssing objects scattered through time by the wreck of the Time Train. After a number of dangerous encounters with riot police and hippies, there's only one artifact left... the remnants of the train's flux capacitor... repurposed as a peace necklace.. around the neck of a VERY pregnant Loraine McFly. Marty suddenly remembers that he's going to be born tomorrow...

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