Joystiq Podcast 144 - Oh Boy edition

Sure, you could listen to a podcast about video games, but there are plenty of those. Wouldn't you rather listen to dude talk about Quantum Leap for an hour and a half? ... OK, fine, there are some video games discussed (Dragon Quest IX and Crackdown 2, for example) but it's mainly Quantum Leap.

Congrats to Alan Black, who we think has eclipsed his own work.

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Hosts: Christopher Grant (@chrisgrant), Justin McElroy (@justinmcelroy), and JC Fletcher (@jcfletcher)
Music: "Gravity (Don't Let Me Go)" by Jon Black, "Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer" by A.C. Newman
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See all of this week's links (and what games we played) after the jump.

What are you playing:

Justin: Crackdown, Nimble Strong
Chris: Splinter Cell: Conviction
JC: Dragon Quest IX, Sin & Punishment 2


Dragon Age 2 dated for March 2011, playable character is a human named Hawke
Dead Space Ignition is a downloadable Dead Space 2 prequel, for XBLA and PSN
Destination Arcade: New Xbox Live Arcade 'visual browser'
Hulu: 'Playstation Plus service is only a requirement during the preview period'

Paul sent us this awesome video. This is his site:

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