When the news of Apple's Friday iPhone 4 press conference came out, a few of the TUAW bloggers were discussing what Apple might want to tell the assembled media. We put our heads together to come up with our best ideas, so please vote for your favorite or give us your take on what Apple will announce in the comments below.

What's Apple going to tell the world on Friday, July 16th?
We're doing a total recall. No wait, Schwarzenegger already did that...2495 (12.9%)
You're holding the damned phone wrong. Let me show you how it's done.2897 (15.0%)
Hey, Microsoft - at least iPhone 4 doesn't suck as bad as Windows Vista!774 (4.0%)
Bumpers for everybody, baby!9622 (49.8%)
The special Michael Jackson memorial edition iPhone 4 glove is now available for $29.99 at all Apple Stores.977 (5.1%)
We're giving you a voucher for a free Bluetooth headset. Wait, that doesn't work, either.236 (1.2%)
We're buying The Unofficial Apple Weblog so they'll stop creating trouble for us.564 (2.9%)
We will coat all your hands in lard!704 (3.6%)
Other - leave us your ideas in the comments below.1033 (5.4%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.