GamesCampus aims for cute and hardcore with new title Legend of Edda

If you visit the official site for Legends of Edda, the newest MMO from GamesCampus, you'll find it populated with adorable, big-eyed characters. Don't be fooled, say the developers -- the game is both cute and hardcore.

Legends of Edda is based on Greek mythology and offers players the opportunity to play as a god of Olympus or as a Titan. These warring factions make PvP the cornerstone of the game, and there are personal battles, larger-scale PvP, RvR, and PK in which opposing factions can attack one another at any time.

There is also a "deep class system" that gives a choice of six classes to begin with, and a series of subclasses as players advance. Legends of Edda is free-to-play and accepting signups for closed beta now, so check out the site to learn more.
This article was originally published on Massively.