A couple weeks back, Joystiq received an advance copy of a study conducted by EEDAR and SMU's Guildhall, the purpose of which was to determine the purchase intent of individuals and how trusted review sources weighed into consumer decision-making. While our previous post offered all kinds of insights and neat breakouts from the study, you can now freely peruse the 31-page report for yourselves.

In the spirit of figuring things out, we've decided to conduct our own little study, which you can participate in just past the break. It's not scientific or anything, but then again, we're not Sciencestiq now, are we?
How important are reviews when deciding to purchase a game?
I let reviews dictate my purchasing habits.85 (22.7%)
I like to read the reviews, but ultimately they don't weigh into my decision.200 (53.3%)
I don't read reviews, for fear that their knowledge will somehow corrupt me. So I just buy whatever I feel like buying when I feel like buying it.7 (1.9%)
I don't read reviews and I don't buy stuff. I live in a cabin, in the woods -- how the heck am I even on the internet right now?17 (4.5%)
This poll has too many choices. I can't take it!14 (3.7%)
No, seriously, this poll has too many choices.52 (13.9%)

Oh, and note to self: register Sciencestiq.com as soon as possible.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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