Plants vs. Zombies shambles onto Xbox Live Arcade September 8

Plants vs Zombies
The Xbox Live Arcade port of Plants vs. Zombies has been given a (re-)birthday: Wednesday, September 8. In just five weeks, Xbox gamers who haven't already picked up PopCap's polished tower defense game on PC, Mac or iPhone/iPad can do so on XBLA for $15 (or 1200 Xbox bucks). This latest version doesn't only bring an HD, controller-optimized experience to the console space, it also adds two new multiplayer modes: Co-op and Versus.

In IGN's brief writeup of the game, the site says one co-op strategy is to have one player use defensive plants while the other uses offensive plants, as they try to hold back the oncoming undead. In Versus mode, the zombie player has to eat his or her way into the plant player's home, while the plant player has to shoot down three zombie targets. If the multiplayer enhancements in PopCap's XBLA port of Peggle are any indication, you should expect more than just bullet-point upgrades.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.