Chiptune documentary 'Reformat the Planet' on DVD August 24

Reformat the Planet is a documentary by 2 Player Productions about the 2006 Blip Festival and the artists who helped put it together (and then played a bunch of amazing chip music on stage), including Nullsleep, Glomag, Bit Shifter, Hally, Anamanaguchi, and more. 2PP just announced the date for the long-awaited DVD release: August 24.

The two-disc package includes the original movie, as well as a "Reformat the Planet 1.5" featurette that follows up with the next couple of years of the New York chiptune scene (a clip of that can be found after the break). The discs also have music videos and songs from some of the included artists.

In addition, 2PP partnered with Fangamer to create some lovely merchandise that can be purchased in bundles with the DVD. If you want to look like a person who knows a lot about music made with Game Boys, you can buy a shirt, square buttons (how is this possible?), a poster, and Blip Festival DVDs and CDs. Then you can watch the movie and actually know a lot about it!

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On August 24th, REFORMAT THE PLANET is coming to DVD as a 2-disc set fully loaded with fresh content and tons of bonus material. Featuring a painstakingly restored audio mix, this never-before-seen cut of the film is supplemented by a brand new short, RTP 1.5, that accounts for some of the intervening years since the end of principal photography. Together, they now represent 2 Player Productions' definitive vision for the project.

Pre-orders are available via Fangamer:

For the release of RTP, 2 Player Productions has partnered with Fangamer, a unique online store that specializes in creating quality apparel and merchandise inspired by familiar video game franchises. Driven in part by a huge community of passionate and talented fans, Fangamer caught the eye of 2PP with their contributions to the "MOTHER 3" game localization project. Fangamer is responsible for the design and production of many products which support the release of RTP, as well as the design and layout of the DVD menus and packaging.

2PP will be celebrating the release of RTP on Sunday, August 22nd at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. The party will feature clips from the movie, musical performances by Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, Glomag and visuals by NO CARRIER. Admission is $10 and limited to 21+ aged attendees. Tickets are available at and at the door.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.