iPhone 4 available in Mexico

South of the border, down Mexico way, that's where you can now purchase an iPhone 4 from Mexico's Apple Store online. Oh, and just to make the North American AT&T customers envious, the phone is unlocked. You know, just like in Canada.

iPhone 4 is available via Telcel and Movistar, but I was unable to find pricing on Apple's site, and both sellers were not forthcoming. Apple has not responded to a request for the price (if you know, please tell us in the comments). Still, the iPhone 3GS is now available for 8,199 pesos (which turns out to be around $650), so expect iPhone 4 to cost a bit more than that.

UPDATE: Apple sent the following response:

Dear Victor,

Thank you for your interest in the new iPhone 4 from Apple.

Apple has not made an announcement regarding iPhone 4 pricing or availability in Mexico.

Please keep an eye on Apple's website, at http://www.apple.com/mx/iphone, for the latest information.

We appreciate your support of Apple products and services. Thank you again for taking the time to write.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.