Back in the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, nearly all video game graphics were produced as a series of animated pixels, or "sprites" as they're more frequently known. Sprites have evolved from the basic pixel-block format seen in old Atari games to being complex collections of fluid animation, producing graceful and evocative art. Of course since each and every frame of a sprite's animation has to be hand-drawn and can often be quite involved, vector-based three-dimensional graphics have become the standard for games both online and offline.

World of Warcraft and other triple-A titles are never likely to be dominated by sprite graphics, since the result is usually less character customization, more work for the art team, and only a negligible actual benefit. But what about you, the player? Do you like seeing games where the landscapes and avatars are rendered with sprites instead of polygons? Does it give you a sense of nostalgia and familiarity? Or do you dislike the style and want to see a move away from what was once the predominant graphical style?
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