Ethan Smith of the Wall Street Journal writes that iTunes will soon be carrying the Beatles catalog, according to "people familiar with the situation." According to Smith, this deal was finalized recently -- as late as last week -- between Apple and EMI group.

If so, this plays into the Beatles-style hints of today's teaser announcement on the Apple home page and supports the notion that iTunes will begin selling the Beatles music as early as tomorrow.

If it really *is* the Beatles...
I'll be so excited! Ripping CD's is so 1996. Now I'll be able to buy tracks I probably already own from iTunes.774 (7.0%)
There better be something else announced as well, be it The Cloud or AirPlay.4546 (41.0%)
Whoopie freaking doo. Yawn.3810 (34.4%)
Whatever.1835 (16.6%)
I'll just tell you in the comments.110 (1.0%)

Thanks, badtzmaru

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