Nimiane of <Blazon> on Antonidas (US-A) writes, "On Tuesday, the day of the 4.0.3a Shattering, 20 of our guild members journeyed out to Azshara to check out the Gallywix Pleasure Palace. Up there, we enjoyed a nice dip in the pool, along with a round of 'Fact or Crap' (a board game played like True or False), an obstacle race, a best resortwear contest, and a ride on the newly built rocket way. Something else we are proud of is possibly one of the world first kills of the level 85 elite Trade Prince Gallywix!" They also took a visit to the sauna, where awkwardness ensued after a draenei refused to remove the pumpkin embedded in his chest.

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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.