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Android Gingerbread officially teases you in Google's voice search video tutorial

Sure, we've already gorged ourselves on plenty of Gingerbread by way of Mr. Blurrycam and even Eric Schmidt himself, but it's only now that Google's officially (or accidentally) given us a tour around the next Android release. In a recent voice search video tutorial from Google Hong Kong, eagle-eyed peeps have spotted many tell-tale signs of Gingerbread on what appears to be a Nexus One. As you can see above, said firmware sports the previously-seen black status tray with its new icons, along with a subtly tweaked launcher bar at the bottom of the home screen. A quick peek in Settings also reveals the restyled buttons, as well as a new tab called "Related" or "Similar" on Market's app description page. Help yourself to some more spicy goodness before it's too late -- the video's right after the break (from 0:47).

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: Surprise surprise! Google's pulled the offending video, but fear not -- we've got a backup posted after the break.

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