Sure, we've already gorged ourselves on plenty of Gingerbread by way of Mr. Blurrycam and even Eric Schmidt himself, but it's only now that Google's officially (or accidentally) given us a tour around the next Android release. In a recent voice search video tutorial from Google Hong Kong, eagle-eyed peeps have spotted many tell-tale signs of Gingerbread on what appears to be a Nexus One. As you can see above, said firmware sports the previously-seen black status tray with its new icons, along with a subtly tweaked launcher bar at the bottom of the home screen. A quick peek in Settings also reveals the restyled buttons, as well as a new tab called "Related" or "Similar" on Market's app description page. Help yourself to some more spicy goodness before it's too late -- the video's right after the break (from 0:47).

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: Surprise surprise! Google's pulled the offending video, but fear not -- we've got a backup posted after the break.
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Android Gingerbread officially teases you in Google's voice search video tutorial

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