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Fake iPhones at JC Penney let you text away your dignity


There's little to say about these "iPhones" except that they are obviously NOT iPhones. Instead, you can "message a friend up to 50 feet away" for those times when 50 feet is too far to walk or shout. Other features on this texting device include "touch screen technology" and a calculator. Pretty awesome, eh? All on sale at just $29.99 from J.C. Penney, America's top retailer of fake Chinese Apple products (just kidding, they sell pants there too). Batteries not included.

If you want to see a pic of a very similar fake iPhone in my personal collection, one that makes phone calls on a land line, check the next page. If you want to see a bunch of fake Apple products from Engadget, check out the highly entertaining KiRF series here.

Thanks to tipster Aaron M.

Bought this in some wholesale catalog about two years ago.