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Get issues of E-ON Magazine for half price this Christmas

Brendan Drain , @nyphur
EVE Online is one of the few MMOs with its own dedicated paper-based magazine. With its high production values, the quarterly E-ON Magazine by MMM Publishing is a great example of how to do a game magazine right. Each issue contains featured articles, guides, fiction, interviews, sneak peeks at future expansions and more. Even the advertisements in it are for exclusively in-game corporations and services, making it pure EVE from cover to cover. Here at Massively, we've reviewed the past three issues of the magazine and found them all to be well worth reading.

If you'd like to give E-ON Magazine a go or fill in some holes in your collection, now's the perfect time to do it. All this month, issues of E-ON are better than half price at the EVE Online store. Each issue is reduced from $14.95 US down to only $7 if you apply the code EONDEC1050 to your purchase, making the magazine a great Christmas gift for any big EVE Online fan. If you're a big fan of the magazine, you'll also be pleased to know that last month's contest has been extended until EVE's daily downtime tomorrow. To be in with a chance to win, just mail with your name, your EVE character name and an explanation of why you think you deserve free swag. The best entry will win a pile of EVE goodies, with winners to be announced in E-ON issue 22. Enter quickly, as the contest ends tomorrow at 11AM GMT.

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