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As soon as I saw the worgen, I knew I wanted to be one. However, having paid for a race change on my main already, I didn't care much to change her yet again. She recently changed from a gnome to human. I have to say, I love the camera angle much better, but I sometimes miss her pink buns (the hair, people, the hair!).

Back in the day, I played a tauren, and it is still my favorite race. Just as I was about to venture into Outland -- dun dun dun, hubby and friends switched to Alliance. This was before the paid faction change services. Leveling was no big thing to them, but I was devastated. (I'm not bitter after all this time, nope, nuh uh.) Having played the biggest and seemingly slowest-moving race, I decided to go with the shortest and made a gnome. Man, did they move fast! The colorful hair, the squeaky voice ... it was cute.

But not for two years. I was tired of being short, /emote punted, and the cuteness factor was long gone. As soon as the race change options were implemented, I pounced. Voilà! I'm human!

Now that Cataclysm is out, are you going to or have you race-changed? What caused you to race-change in the past? Was it for looks? Was it due to a teeth-gratingly squeaky high voice? Was it because better racials were available elsewhere? Is there a class/race combo available now that wasn't when you first made your character? Or did you change because they are frigging worgen?!

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