A recent Tweet from Mortal Kombat mastermind Ed Boon has revealed a few characters that might end up in DLC packs for the upcoming, relaunched fighter. Boon asked his followers, "Tell me your order of preference for a DLC character. Rain, Shinnok, Kenshi, Robo-smoke, or new character?" In a later Tweet, he also added Mortal Kombat 4 brawler Tanya to the list of potential kombatants.

There's really only one fair way to settle this dispute: With a global championship where martial artists fight to the death to determine the fate of the Earthrealm. By which, of course, we mean an Official Joystiq Poll™:
Who would you like to see in a Mortal Kombat DLC pack?
Robo-Smoke1440 (22.4%)
Rain1873 (29.1%)
Tanya507 (7.9%)
Shinnok319 (5.0%)
Kenshi582 (9.1%)
A new character1706 (26.5%)

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