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War of Legends celebrates Chinese new year with prizes

Brendan Drain , @nyphur
Game developer Jagex is perhaps best known for its popular browser MMO RuneScape, which is still going strong after over 10 years of development. Just over a year ago, the company made a move into the MMORTS market with its free-to-play browser game War of Legends. Last month, the game celebrated its first anniversary by giving players a free birthday cake filled with items to speed up construction, resource gathering and other parts of the game. With that celebration barely over, War of Legends has launched head-first into yet another event with the Chinese New Year.

As War of Legends is based heavily on ancient Chinese mythology, the Chinese New Year is a big time of year for the game. In keeping with a traditional Chinese theme, Jagex will be giving away red envelopes containing prizes to players every day for the next two weeks. Each envelope contains in-game items valued by the company at up to $20 US, and players have the opportunity to find more prizes by invading the Wildlands during the two-week celebration period. For those players who want something simpler, Jagex will also be running some limited-time daily tasks during the Chinese New Year with a variety of helpful rewards.

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