You've probably seen the Fling, which is TenOne's stick-on joystick for the iPad. Now, ThinkGeek has introduced a competitor -- the Joystick-It is another stick-on joystick for the iPad's touchscreen, this time styled a little more closely to an actual arcade controller. The bottom of the stick has what looks like a suction cup that attaches to the device, and then you can move the stick around to control a capacitive widget on the bottom that acts as your finger normally would on the touchscreen.

I haven't gotten to play with it, but I can't imagine that it offers as big a range of movement as the Fling does. Then again, the Fling is more of a controller-style joystick, while the Joystick-It looks like a full arcade stick, and it has a smaller footprint on the screen. The Joystick-It is more expensive than the Fling, too, at one for US$25, or two for $40 plus shipping from ThinkGeek. We'll have to try one out soon and let you know what we think.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.