Experiencing cable woes? TUAW reader Chris Arnold of Sumo Computers sent in this photo demonstrating why he believes his original iPad cable had problems working with his iPad 2. TUAW rigorously tested several cables but was unable to duplicate these issues -- all the cables we tested worked fine with both iPads.

What about you? Are your cables giving you any problems? Let us know in this handy poll.

Do your old cables work with your iPad 2?
Nope, I'm having the same problems as Chris265 (6.1%)
Yes, they work just fine862 (20.0%)
Haven't had a chance to test, I'm afraid432 (10.0%)
Cables? You're writing a post about cables? What is wrong with you people? I am leaving this site and never returning. I'm going now. Really. Bye! (I mean it this time.)282 (6.5%)
Slow news day, huh?2471 (57.3%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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