Looking for something to do on the cheap this weekend? Sure, you could go down to the lake to go swimming or hang outside the laundromat like you had planned, or you could boot up the old Compy 386 and play a free game!

Uber Entertainment's Monday Night Combat is free to play on Steam this weekend, until 1pm PT on Sunday, March 20. Additionally, if you like what you play and want to buy the game, it's 33 percent off ($10.04) on Steam until Monday, March 21 at 10am PT.

Now, we're not telling you what to do, but think about it: does the lake or laundromat have hot female assassins who can turn invisible at will? Yeah, we thought so -- and if that is the case, you've got bigger problems to worry about. We'd suggest talking to a realtor.

No, not the one who sold you the house in Assassintown.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.