Hey look, it's another RIFT tidbit! We know it's been several hours since the last one, and honestly, the void was making us all a bit weepy. Seriously, though, we do have some good news for our Russian comrades who're itching to take a peek at the Telara the rest of the MMO world has been fawning over for the past month.

Trion has just announced a publishing deal with Belver to bring a localized version of the game to Russia as well as 14 Commonwealth of Independent States. Currently, there's no firm release date, though Trion's press blurb mentions a late 2011 window.

"The work going into launching on Russian servers is significant, but with skilled specialists on either side of [the] Atlantic, RIFT's release in Russia is sure to be a solid product," said Belver CEO Slava Plotnikov.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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