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Clover: A Curious Tale gets permanent price drop


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Binary Tweed's Deejay has announced that his game, Clover: A Curious Tale, has received a permanent price cut on Xbox Live Indie Games. Originally 400 MS Points ($5), the title has been discounted to 240 points ($3).

Having recently been featured as part of a special St. Patrick's Day deal of the week, it's time for Clover to be sent "to roost," Deejay wrote on the Binary Tweed website. "It's never going to do more sales, it's not going to contribute a huge wedge to my income," he noted, "so I might as well make it as cheap as possible so as many players get to experience it." He added that he'd lower the price further, but 240 is the lowest price that can be offered by Indie Games over 50MB in size.

Deejay hopes to lower the price of the PC version as well, though the logistics of dealing with various download distributors "could be a bit tricky."

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