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Spider-Man: Edge of Time tells the tale of two Spideys this fall

Justin McElroy

After doing a fine job with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, developer Beenox is taking another swing (see what we did there?) at our favorite webhead in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, due out this fall on unannounced platforms.

In Edge of Time, Spider-Man classic and Spider-Man 2099 will work together to avoid personal catastrophe (read: Peter Parker's demise) in a story crafted by 2099 co-creator Peter David. The game's hook is that the actions of one Spider-Man will alter the timeline of the other.

This, of course, is the moment where we point out that Marvel 2099 is technically the future of Earth-928 and not Earth-616, where Spider-Man classic exists. Therefore, the actions of one wouldn't impact the other, so we're hoping some sort of interdimensional machinations will be involved as well.


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