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AT&T bumps early-upgrade prices for all smartphones, reminds that patience is a virtue

Tim Stevens

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The two year contract is a blessing and a curse, but looking at these updated prices from AT&T we're thinking those upgrading early and doing so to a one year contract are quite simply doomed. AT&T has upped the price on all early-upgrade one year commitment smartphones by a whopping $150. That's painful, but the early-upgrades are at least a little less painful. Smartphones like the iPhone are jumping by a relatively meager $50, meaning a new 32GB iPhone 4 will cost you $549 vs the previous $449. Or you could, you know, just suck it up for another 12 months.

Update: As it turns out the $150 premium is unrelated to upgrading -- if you want a one year contract you're stuck with the $150 premium, regardless.

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