A Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker clothing line?! Yes, Snake, a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker clothing line. Konami is entering CO-OPS with a company called Musterbrand to produce clothing inspired by, and even based on, the characters and imagery from last year's PSP game.

The items range from logo t-shirts to replicas of clothing worn by prominent characters -- Kazuhira Miller's shirt is included in the lineup, sans jaunty yellow neckerchief. Perhaps that'll be in the next release; Konami and Musterbrand plan to update the line "quarterly and surrounding certain special events throughout the year."

As for the current items: you'll be able to Peace Walk in game-inspired pants starting April 11, when the first pieces will be available online in North America (probably through Konami.com).

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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